Revision Tasks

In order to successfully revise my draft, I need to accomplish/work on the following:

  • Better articulate my thesis (talking it out may help)
  • Take time to describe Lady Audley and the mixed feelings that come with her complicated character (in the novel as well as the film).
  • Integrate feminism, possibly into my mental illness section (mental illness in women as an issue)
  • Come up with a better way to organize and separate my sections. (sub-headings?)
  • Orient better when discussing Hacking.
    • Who is he? What does he argue? Why do we value his criteria?
  • Create a short literature review near the beginning, prepping readers for the types of arguments and theories I’ll be using
  • Find and address some counter-arguments besides the general unhappiness with movie adaptations of novels

Most of these points are tasks that I was insecure about in my previous drafts, and know I need to work on. Thank you, Professor Tougaw and Kelly, for your advice and continued support! I will definitely be coming to you with questions as I begin revising again!

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