The Final Countdown!

This is such an exciting stage of the writing process for me. I’m so surprised by myself! I had an especially big realization about my argument while working on the latest revision, and couldn’t be prouder of my progress. I had felt really lost in my argument for almost the entirety of my writing, except for another insight I had had when I initially started writing. Really, this realization (in my opinion) completely changed my paper– or at least, my attitude while writing, which I think transforms my language (because I’m passionate about what I’m saying)! It was really difficult to start this process last semester, but watching my classmates only start working on their senior projects now, I can’t help but beam. Only a few more days left, and I will have completed the longest writing project I have ever worked on. WHOA!

As for this final revision, I know that I need:

  • add some more information that interests my reader during my introduction
  • ┬ámove Hacking’s definition of “transient mental illness” earlier on
  • take the time when I name his criteria of transient mental illness to elaborate on them and explain
  • incorporate some more details from the novel while initially discussing transient mental illness
  • address some issues with awkward wording
  • find a more exciting title!

I really can’t believe that we’re finally here, and I can’t wait to hold in my hands the final product! We’re almost there, everyone!

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